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What Factors should I Consider when I Choose a Removalist?

choosing a removalist

When you’re putting your items into storage, you may be considering using removalists to move and pack them.  Though this may be pricier than moving and packing your storage module or unit yourself, great removalists are worth their weight in gold.  Not only will they take away the hassle of moving everything, but they will also pack your items properly for the move or storage minimising damage.

Now that you have decided to use a moving service the next question is how do you choose the right one?  These are the most important factors to consider when you’re comparing removalists.

The complexity of your move

Not all moves are the same!  Maybe you’re only moving your studio apartment’s contents into one storage module, or maybe it’s a 4-bedroom house with settlement, short term storage, and interstate relocation.  Depending on your moving and storage requirements it’s important to find a company you can trust.

The main points to consider when you discuss your removals and storage needs with removalists are:

  • Parking and access: truck height clearance, difficulties in access such as restricted parking, stairs, narrow entrances, and corridors, over the balcony lifting, sloped driveway.
  • Volume: the number of items and total volume you’re moving into storage will determine the size of the truck, and the type and size of storage module or unit you need.
  • Type of items being moved and stored: Are your items highly valuable?  Are some of them delicate or extra heavy?  Not every removalist can move a piano, a heavy duty safe, a marble table or a spa!  Some of these items require special equipment to move.  When it comes to storage, some items also require special attention and even climate control settings such as antiques, documents, delicate garments and linens, and motor vehicles.
  • Local, intrastate or interstate: disclosing how far you’re moving is going to help you choose the right removalists. Many small 2 men teams only do local moves.  For regional and interstate moves, you’ll probably need more research.

Quotes, pricing, and budget

Decide what your budget for the move is and this will help you compare quotes and make sure you don’t bust your budget for the move.  Check all your moving requirements and compare pricing on websites to get a good idea of the price range you should expect for the services you need.  This will help you allocate a realistic budget or eliminate services you might not afford, e.g. prepacking or disassembly and reassembly of furniture.

Get at least three quotes and compare them.  When looking at quotes you’ll want to check for hourly rates and how they are charged, fixed pricing and how it works, and other charges such as call out fees, depot fees, fuel surcharges, stairs surcharges, heavy item charges, etc.

If you’re moving intrastate or interstate, moving on settlement day, it’s better to get a fixed price as an hourly rate may blow up if the time it takes spirals out.  Comparison sites or quote sourcing sites such as Find a mover, Service Seeking and One Flare allow you to compare quotes through one site.  Be sure to include as much information as possible to get accurate and precise quotes.

Which services you need

Most removalists have a standard service of moving your items into a truck and into storage.  However, it’s good to check that they also do other important tasks on your checklist such as disassembly and reassembly of furniture, wrapping furniture and appliances, moving precious and valuable items such as pianos, and antiques.

You may also require additional services such as prepacking, and unpacking, wrapping furniture and appliances for overseas container shipping, uninstallation and reinstallation of appliances and electronics.  There aren’t many companies that provide such specialist services, but if you need them, it is vital to get one company to do all of it to ensure a chain of responsibility.


When you are making initial enquiries to removalists ask about insurance.  What type of insurance do your removalists have?  If they have insurance, read the fine print!  It is it limited to Public Liability?  Do they have Goods in Transit Cover?  Does it cover damages?  What type of damage does it cover?

If your removalists are also providing you with storage check that the insurance also covers your items while in storage.  If you get your first pick of your removalists but still don’t feel confident about their level of insurance cover, get your own!

Reviews and referrals

Most people choose their removalist based on word of mouth because what’s better than when someone you know can vouch for their movers?  Ask your family, friends and co-workers if they have moved recently and if they recommend anyone.

Luckily enough, in this day and age, even if you don’t have any local recommendations, you can go online!  Check Google, Product Review, Trustpilot and search for your removalists.  You can go by the rating and read as many reviews as you have time for!  Sometimes some removals and storage companies sound too good to be true.  Avoid getting fooled or scammed and read the reviews!