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Moving interstate and self-storage

moving interstate and self-storage

Moving to another state can often be more complicated and require a lot more work than a local move. Dual settlement, pet transport, coordinating removals and storage are a few of the many factors you may have to consider. However, an interstate move doesn’t have to be stressful!

We can help you with any interstate move to and from NSW, Victoria, ACT and Queensland. Plan and use self-storage to help you organise your interstate move. Here is how:

Get quotes with a range of options

Plan your interstate move by getting quotes way ahead of moving day. Make sure your removalists do an onsite or video inspection so that the volume calculation is as accurate as possible. It’s important that the removalists book the right size of truck as it will be a nightmare to deal with anything that won’t fit at the last minute.

The more flexible you are with your interstate move, usually the more affordable the quote will be. If you are happy to put items into self-storage and can wait a few days or longer for your items to arrive, this could reduce the quote by allowing removalists to combine your load with other interstate loads in a large truck.

An interstate move using storage modules also avoids double handling which can save you more money. You fill your storage module. It is then stored in the warehouse until it is ready to go with other modules on an interstate modular truck. The storage module is then delivered to your new address without any furniture passing through other hands.

When you ask for a quote, check all the different options and combinations there might be to find the right one for you.

Stage your move with self-storage

Self-storage allows you to start packing and moving your items out before moving day. This can be helpful in many scenarios namely

  • Listing your house for sale – whether you’re using professional property stylists yourself or decluttering to make your home look more appealing to buyers, giving your home a clean, minimal look is often key to a quick sale.

  • Staging an “easy” interstate move – Decluttering in the first stage, putting non-essentials in self-storage. This leaves only essential items and a quick, easy move for the final moving day. You can also pack in stages, first unpack, and move essentials. Then have your self-storage unit or module delivered later to unpack the non-essentials at a leisurely pace.

  • Dual settlements – Sometimes a dual settlement can be delayed by a day or longer. If you load the items into self-storage modules in a modular truck, if settlement fails, they can be stored overnight or longer. The movers will then deliver the modules after settlement is complete. No double handling and no searching for expensive last minute storage solutions.

Book additional services

Depending on your needs and budget the following services may also be beneficial to you:

  • Prepacking and unpacking services – a professional packing team pack and unpack your household items into boxes.

  • Pet transport – Delivering your pet across state lines safely and securely.

  • Motor vehicle transport – Delivering your motor vehicle to your new address.

  • Long-term storage – For items you may want to keep at the original destination if your interstate relocation is a temporary one.

Get your storage modules delivered

The best thing about using self-storage for your interstate move is the flexibility! Storing your items means you can take time to look for a new home in your new city, take your time to cross the state lines, and more.

Once you have found your home, simply ask your self-storage facility to redeliver the modules. This avoids the hassle of having to rush finding a new home or meeting your removalists on time.