Self Storage Delivered To Your Doorstep!

How It Works

Mobibox is self storage delivered to your doorstep thus eliminating the need to drive to a storage facility or hire a removalist. We’ll get everything sorted in three easy steps. Here's How It Works.

We deliver the storage module…

We or You pack the module…

We pick up & store the module…

Simple. Affordable. Convenient.

Mobile self storage units save you time and money. MobiBox is one of the best mobile self storage systems and will definitely suit your budget.

Simple and convenient, MobiBox mobile self storage comes right to the door of your home or office, no matter where you are in Sydney. With the option of you pack your MobiBox or we pack your MobiBox, we have the solution that will work with your budget and time frames.

Once loaded, your MobiBox is collected same day and stored in a high security 24 hour CCTV monitored facility. When you require the return of your contents, we will bring your MobiBox back to you. You will once again have the choice of unpacking your MobiBox yourself or using the experience of the MobiBox team to un-pack it for you.

We Offer Multiple Mobile Self Storage Solutions

At Mobibox, we understand that one portable solution does not fit all. So, we can offer a number of solutions that will work for our clients.

Delivery of your MobiBox on a trailer.
Option 1

Delivery of your MobiBox on a trailer.

Delivery of your MobiBox on a trailer.
Option 2

Premium pack service: We will deliver your MobiBoxes, two at a time on board one of our purpose built MobiBox transport vehicles and we will pack it for you.

Delivery of your MobiBox on a trailer.
Option 3

Delivery of you MobiBox and placed on your premises for up to a week so you can pack your MobiBoxes at your leisure.

Storage insurance can be quite expensive and a real headache to organise.

At some point, we are sure you have been told a number of horror stories where people are not covering their valuable items with the right storage insurance policy. We are sure you have also heard horror stories of people thinking that their valuable items are covered by insurance when in fact they are not.

Here at MobiBox, we want to ensure your valuable items are kept out of harm’s way in the most affordable way possible.

Talk to one of the team at MobiBox about storage insurance. They will point you in the right direction. Our industry trained staff will guide you on what storage insurance policies are out there. They will also let you know what traps to look out for.

Storage insurance

All Mobiboxes are serial tracked with each Mobibox having a unique serial number to ensure your valuables are not compromised.

Upon return to our facility, it is strategically bin located within our back office environment based on the duration of your storage period. This means easy access for you should you require anything from your Mobibox at anytime. It is as simple as a phone call to us.

Your MobiBox storage unit is stored in a state of the art high security 24 hour CCTV monitored storage facility. Your MobiBox storage units can be locked with your own pad lock or we can provide one for you for additional security.

We can also provide unique serial tracked container seals for your peace of mind. Once you have secured this seal, keep a record of the serial number and you will then know be able to tell if someone has accessed your goods or not.

You are in control. MobiBox is the safest, most secure and cost effective way of storing your valuables.

Storage security

Self Storage Prohibited Items

Mobibox self storage prohibited items include:

Guns or firearms
1. Guns or firearms
Drugs of any nature
2. Drugs of any nature
Exercise/Gym weights
3. Exercise/Gym weights
Perishable foods items
4. Perishable foods items
Contained Gases
5. Contained Gases
All flammable graded S products
6. All flammable graded S products
Petrol/Fuels/Accelerants and any other flammable products
7. Petrol/Fuels/Accelerants and any other flammable products
8. Animals/Pets

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