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MobiBox is a Sutherland Shire based family owned and operated portable self storage facility. We created our business to remove the stress and expense of moving or storing your valuables.

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So where did MobiBox come from?

I started out working for a removalist. The whole time I was working with this removalist, I was frustrated with having to double handle customer’s furniture. Get to a job, man handle the furniture onto a truck, man handle the furniture off the truck into a storage facility and when the customer wanted it back it was man handled back onto a truck, driven out to the customer and man handled off the truck again.

  • So after much deliberation I started my own business so I could develop a product that could eliminate both my clients and my frustrations. It didn’t happen quickly let me tell you but, it did happen. One day I was sitting in front of my computer when I saw an email come in from one of my first clients. The email was not very friendly and to be honest, made me feel as though I had failed my client.

    “Your service was expensive, convoluted and all of the furniture was double handled, increasing the risk of damage”

  • At that moment, the penny dropped. To avoid the double handling and reduce the costs of storing or moving, I had to take the storage facility to my clients. This would mean that they would not have to hire removalists at an expensive hourly rate of around $140 per hour.

    It also meant that the client would not have to hire trucks or vans and spend days going between home and a storage facility. Even better than that, the client’s could now have full control over the integrity of their valuable items.

So where did MobiBox come from?

Hence the birth of MobiBox

MobiBox is a 10 cubic metre storage module that can be delivered directly to the door of your home or office on one of our low bed compact trailers with easy access ramp. The business owner or resident can load their own goods into the MobiBox and seal it with one of our unique, one of a kind security seals or their own padlock. We are then called to collect the MobiBox and return it to our 24 hour CCTV monitored facility. Once back at our facility, we fork unload your MobiBox from the trailer and store it indoors until you want it returned.


The Old Way

The old traditional way of going through this
process would look similar to this:

Collection of your goods is a minimum of 4 hours at $140.00/hour plus GST ($560.00 + GST) + Storage of $200.00/month plus GST ($200.00 + GST) + Return of your goods is a minimum of 4 hours at $140.00/hour plus GST ($560.00 + GST)

Total Bill for round trip comes to:

$1,320 +gst


The New Way

In comparison to the MobiBox
way of doing things:

Delivery of 10 cubic metre MobiBox $100.00 + GST Storage of 4 weeks for your MobiBox $140.00 + GST Return of your MobiBox $100.00 + GST

Total for this round trip comes to:

$340 +gst

You save almost $1,000!

What our Customers Say...

What our Customers Say...

Since the market presence of this new and innovative way of moving or storing your products, our customers love us!

This team was unbelievable!

These gentlemen are THE BEST! Hassle free, timely and efficient. I have used several companies in the past and they were good but in comparison, i feel embarrassed for other companies. Five stars is not enough to rate these guys.



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