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How to Use Self-Storage when Moving out of Sydney or Moving in!

how to use self-storage when moving out of Sydney

During the pandemic lockdowns, Sydney saw a rise in the number of people working from home and returning or relocating to regional areas such as the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast and Illawarra. There have even been Sydneysiders who have decided to move interstate!

If you’re one of the many Sydney residents who are toying with the idea of moving out of Sydney, here are some tips on how to use self-storage to help you

Use self-storage to give you time to look for a new home

When people move to a different town, they don’t usually have time to househunt before arriving. This means they may move out of Sydney but have no place to move into. What do they do with all their things? They put them into self-storage.

Self-storage is the perfect solution when you’re between homes and between cities. You can pack up your home in Sydney, move it into self-storage. Then you can choose the option that suits you best, either weekly or monthly until you find a house.

When you move into your new city, you can stay in temporary accommodation while taking your time to look for the right space. Once you've found your new home, you can let the storage facility know and book your removalists or pick up your items yourself and move them into your new house.

Using long-term storage to hold your things until you return

For a lot of people who moved out of Sydney, returning was a matter of when not if. If you’re thinking about trying out a new city or town for the sea change but not sure if you’re ready to commit yet, use self-storage!

You can put some items in self-storage, move out of Sydney and see how you like living in a rural area. If you feel that the change is a permanent one you can move your items out of storage but if you want to return to Sydney, it will be very easy to go back and get your things whenever you want to.

Using self-storage to reduce your moving costs

If the move to a new town is temporary, you can save on the intrastate or interstate removalist cost by putting lots of items into self-storage. You’ll only pay to move the essential items back and forth from Sydney.

Using self-storage to downsize and declutter

Moving back home to regional areas is a mixed bag. For some, it has meant going back to live with their parents. For others, it’s given them the opportunity to buy or rent their ideal home in a new town.

For a lot of people, it’s a chance to sort out their household items, decide what they would really like to keep, what to get rid of, and to imagine a new space with more of their ideal furniture and belongings.

Self-storage is a handy tool to downsize and declutter your home contents before moving out of Sydney. It’s simple: move unwanted or unnecessary items into self-storage and you can use your clutter free home to decide what you need for your new home.

Leaving unwanted and unneeded items in self-storage also gives you flexibility to deal with them. You may want to list them for sale, book a trip to the tip or salvos/vinnies. In the end, you may want to move them into your new home anyway! Self-storage is the commitment free way to declutter and downsize your home.