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How Self-Storage Can Help You Move House

how self-storage can help you move house

Moving house has been listed as one of the most stressful experiences by people in surveys time and time again. Packing, unpacking, dealing with all the belongings you’ve accumulated over the years, and unexpected problems can all lead to delays and added stress to moving day. Self-storage is a secret weapon you can use to help you! Read below to find out how.


Self-storage will help you declutter easily before the big move. Store any items you think you won’t need or want in the new space in the Mobibox or storage unit. This will not only help you imagine what your new home will look like with fewer things but make packing easier.

If there are items you need to access, it is very likely you will need to move these back home. Any items that stay in the self-storage unit for a long time you can start listing for sale, giving away to charities or disposing in a recycling park.

Decluttering before moving day without self-storage can be very stressful. Moving day is a hard deadline. If you haven’t sold, given away or disposed of unwanted items, you will probably end up paying your movers to do this for you or adding this to your to-do-list on an already busy moving day.

Keeping items in self-storage gives you time and peace of mind to deal with your clutter properly.

A staged pack, move and unpack

People often underestimate how long it takes to pack, move, and unpack. Moving day arrives and they are woefully unprepared and rack up removalist costs. They barely have time to clean the property and hand over keys. They then spend a lot of time unpacking while trying to get their bond back.

A self-storage space takes a load off, literally! Start packing boxes and move non-essential furniture and small appliances into self-storage. It will be much easier to pack the last few items with all the space you have.

On moving day, you will have a lot less to move or you can get the professionals to move the main furniture and appliances for a fraction of the price of a full move. This will give you plenty of time to clean.

At the new address, you’ll have more space to move furniture around to your liking and plan how the space will look like carefully. You then have all the time in the world to unpack. At first, you only have to unpack the essentials. When everything is settled, you can slowly bring the rest of the boxes and the non-essential household appliances and furniture.

This is surely better than being in a rush to unpack and live out of boxes for weeks!

There is an unexpected problem on moving day

A lot can go wrong on moving day: the property settlement doesn’t go through, your movers don’t show up, you can’t fit all your items in your new home (oversized fridge anyone?). Having a plan B could become a lifesaver!

Having self-storage available can mean you can easily move the items into a dry, secure space instead of leaving them in the street until you are ready to move them to their permanent home.

In the case where you don’t end up needing self-storage you will most likely only lose the deposit. This is better than what you would have to pay removalists for double handling, emergency storage, or asking for an additional week and paying double rent.

You’re only moving temporarily!

You may be renovating, moving for a short-term work contract, or between homes… Whatever the reason is, there is no need to move all your house contents twice! If you know you are moving to a place where you will only stay for a few months or fewer, use self-storage.

First, pack everything but the essentials into a Mobibox. Then, bring your essentials to your temporary home.

When you’re ready to move back to your house or to your new forever home, take the items out of storage! Not only will this reduce your moving costs substantially, but it will also remove the pressure and possible expense of having to declutter, pack, move and unpack twice.

You’re moving overseas!

When you’re moving overseas, you may be unsure of which items to move or when you’ll be able to move your things in. Often, you don’t know if your move will be long-term, and you will probably need to look for a job and a new home in your overseas destination.

If you hire a freight company to send your items overseas, there is usually a set timeframe, and they will often require an overseas delivery address. This could be difficult if you don’t know anyone at the delivery or if you need to find a rental or property and get it approved first.

When using self-storage, you give yourself leeway to look for a new home then let the freight company know when to pick up and deliver the items.

The other advantage is that if it so happens that there are items that you want to keep for a long term in the place of origin, you can ask for long term rates and renegotiate a cheaper rate with your storage facility.