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5 reasons you should get Mobibox modules

reasons you should get Mobibox modules

1. Decluttering

Hire Mobibox modules when you need to declutter. Whether you are about to renovate or just need to de-stress the house, decluttering will make your life easier. Spring cleaning and taking the time to find what “sparks joy” in your home will reveal just how much stuff you don’t need access to 24/7. If you are putting your house on the market, reducing the amount of excess in the house can help improve your chances of getting the place sold.

Real Estate Agents advise that you will sell quicker and for more if you keep the most stylish furniture and items in the house and garden and move everything else off site. This is where the Mobibox modules come in. Get our team to put away the belongings that are taking up space and store them in our warehouse. You will be able to access the modules any time you like knowing they are safe and secure with twenty-four hour surveillance and in a watertight facility.

2. Archiving

Looking for a place to store old documents and company records? Our modules are the perfect size for filing away important data that does not need to be on site. At 10 cubic metres, you can order as many as you need without wasting space. We can bring the module to your office and file away everything for you, or you can bring your archive boxes to the module and pack it yourself.

3. Long Term Storage

Mobibox modules are a great way to store your belongings for long periods of time. Because they can be stacked they will not take up much floor area of the storage facility. This way we can offer incremental discounts to our long-term customers.

4. Unsynchronised double settlement

Many removalists jobs work around a double settlement situation. This is when the settlement of an old house is organised for a certain time and date, but the new house settlement is organised for a particular time and date which does not coincide with the other. Obviously, it would be more convenient to move out of your old property and into the new one straight away, using a removalist only once. However, when this is not possible you will need somewhere to house your belongings in that liminal time between homes.

Enter Mobibox modules. Packing your belongings into our modules eliminates the unpacking and repacking jobs that would happen at a regular storage facility. Minimise the number of times your stuff is handled and box it all up in modules so it is ready and waiting in the same way it was packed. We will deliver it to the new house and unload as if you used a removalist once anyway.

5. Delayed settlement

Sometimes settlement can be delayed. This can happen if the previous property is left with rubbish and other things that “are not nailed down” and needs cleaning before settlement is made. This can throw a spanner in the works for going ahead with the move. If this happens, or any other reason stalls settlement between properties, a Mobibox module service could be your saving grace.

When you use Mobibox modules, we can come out and load your belongings carefully into as many 10 cubic metre boxes as is needed and store them away in our warehouse until everything is finalised to move into the new property. Once you have the green light, we will fetch the modules, deliver them to your new door and unload them as though you never had any hiccups at all.