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What Not to Store in Self-storage

what not to store in self-storage

When storing in a self-storage unit or module it can be very tempting to store everything from your home but beware! These are a few non-allowable items that storage companies will refuse or that are not recommended for storage.

Toxic, combustible or hazardous chemicals

Anything that could explode or set fire to your items and the storage module should not be put into storage! Fluctuations in temperature or something falling over in your unit, could cause something to catch fire. Examples of such items include:

  • Paint/paint thinner

  • Petrol/gasoline

  • Gas bottles

  • Motor oil

  • Solvents such as varnish, nail polish

  • Fertilizer/weed killer

  • Aerosol sprays

If you need to be rid of these, you are better off giving them away or selling them on a second-hand marketplace or finding a safe way to recycle them usually at a recycling park. If you’re storing vehicles or motorised equipment such as some lawn mowers make sure you have drained any fuel from them.

Perishable Items

Food, animal food and even contained food can attract vermin such as mice, rats, and cockroaches. Even with regular pest control and checks it is very difficult to keep vermin out of storage. Even when everything is sealed properly such as canned food, the food can sometimes go off and grow mould and bacteria inside.

How about dry foods? Contrary to popular belief, dry food such as powdered milk, grains, boxed foods can still expire, and attract vermin. When in doubt, it’s best not to store the food!

Living beings

It should be obvious that it is a bad idea to keep your pets and plants inside a storage unit, even if it’s overnight. Pets will die and plants, even low maintenance ones, will do poorly without sun and water. The soil plants are in will also attract microbes and possibly mould which will potentially spread to your other household contents in self-storage.

Suspicious and illegal items

Storage companies explicitly prohibit the storage of weapons, explosives, and illegal items such as drugs, stolen goods, and unregistered vehicles.

Not only are some of these likely to set fire to your unit and everything inside it, if the police have a warrant, they will be able to enter the self-storage unit or module and confiscate any items as they see fit.

Wet or moist items

Though strictly speaking, wet and moist items are not banned, we wouldn’t advise you store them anyway. Examples include full drink bottles, fragrances, oils. If these fall, burst and spill, they can dampen your items and make them prone to mould and mildew. If you are moving on a rainy day, take towels with you to make sure everything is bone dry before it goes into storage.

Highly valuable antiques and heirlooms

Some storage companies will outline in their terms and conditions that you are not allowed to store items above a certain monetary value, e.g. $20,000. These items include jewellery, artwork, antiques, and heirlooms. Many storage companies are not insured to store items of such high value. These items are also irreplaceable, if any damage happens or if there is a theft you are unlikely to get the full replacement value back.

Even if it is a sentimental item such as a wedding dress, many self-storage units do not have temperature and humidity control and you may not be storing it in such a way as to keep it stain, mould and mildew-free. It is best to store such items in a temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled high security vault or storage company instead of a regular self-storage business. If this is out of your budget, consider asking relatives or trusted friends to store these items for you instead.

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