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Storage and Organisation Ideas for Small Spaces

storage and organisation ideas for small spaces

With the rising popularity of tiny homes and studio apartments and lofts, people are thinking of creative ways to optimise the storage capabilities of their small spaces.

All you need to create as much space as possible is to design and plan your home carefully. Here are some ideas to help you create storage options within a small living space.

Use hooks and open shelves

Place hooks on doors and on your entryway walls to save space. Open shelves also enable you to store your items while not taking up as much space as traditional cupboards and bookshelves.

Mount open shelves onto walls and keep things off your floors. The added advantage to open shelves is that you can usually put them where you couldn’t put furniture: overhead, in small, room corners, etc.

Opt for double duty furniture

Choose furniture that doubles as storage: beds that have pull-out drawers underneath, ottomans which open, desks with built-in drawers. There is no shortage of stylish furniture with functional built-in storage.

Go for vertical, multi-tiered nightstands and nested coffee tables so you can use the different tiers to store small items.

Think vertical storage!

When you don’t have the floor space for storage, it only makes sense to go up! Think ladders with shelves, floating shelves, and over the door hanging shelves or storage organisers.

Mount racks over your washing machine, your desk, your bed. You can also buy tower racks and room dividers with shelves to add vertical storage between rooms and in tight corners and spaces in your bathroom and kitchen.

Make use of tight corners and spaces

Wherever you can, squeeze desks and small shelves into tight spaces such as under the stairs or in the corners of corridors. Use curtains to hide any clutter.

Maximise your cabinet and wardrobe spaces

Did you know that you can create more storage space inside your cabinets, cupboards, and wardrobes? Add drawer organisers, tiered shelving to cabinets and stick-on bag holders to kitchen cupboard doors.

Use vacuumable clothes bags to store clothing and save space all at once. Use boxes, baskets, and organisers to take advantage of dead space in top shelves of wardrobes and cabinets.

Use self-storage

Finally for items that you don’t regularly need such as keepsakes, seasonal items (clothing, decorations), put them away into self-storage!