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Packing my Own Self-Storage vs Hiring Removalists to Do it

packing your own self-storage vs hiring removalists

Should you move your own belongings to your self-storage module or hire removalists to do it? Both choices have their advantages and pitfalls.  The answer will often depend on your budget, timing, and the type of items you’re storing.

If you have a limited budget, no time constraints and your items aren’t too fancy you could probably get away with packing the self-storage unit or module yourself.  However, if you have deadlines to meet, and you own highly valuable, extra heavy, or fragile items it’s best to invest in the right service for your moving and storage needs.

Here is a breakdown of all the pros and cons to packing your own self-storage vs hiring removalists to for it.


Pros of moving and packing your own self-storage

  • Budget friendly – You can save money by packing your own self-storage module if you’re able to do it by yourself easily.
  • Knowing where everything is – When you pack and store everything, you’re in full control of the whole process. You can plan and map out your storage unit or module so that it works best for you.  Prioritise the items you want frequent access to by placing them at shoulder height and putting them close to the module entrance.
  • At your own time and pace – If you are storing in a container located in your own home or if you can get to your self-storage easily, you can take your sweet time to pack it up. You have the freedom to do the move in stages, and take a rest when you’re feeling tired.  You can even change your mind about what to keep in and out of storage!

Cons of moving and packing your own self-storage

  • Risk of damaging your own items – be careful when you move items out of your home! You might end up dropping them, scratching the walls, or hitting something.  If you don’t wrap your items carefully, they may also cause damage to each other when they are being moved into the storage facility.
  • Risk of injury or accident – Do you have the physical strength and endurance of a professional removalist? Well, even people who are fit and athletic do not know how to lift furniture in a safe and secure way.  You may be putting yourself at risk of serious injury or have an accident while you are lifting furniture and whitegoods or moving them up the stairs.If you’re packing your own self-storage, research the best way to move things and always stay safe, bend your knees and squat instead of bending your back.  Disassemble large items and hire or buy a trolley and a dolly to help you move items.
  • Running out of time – Customers often underestimate how long they need to pack and move their items. If you have booked a storage module to be delivered for you to pack yourself, you may not be able to put everything in on time.  This results in unnecessary stress and potential additional charges, as you hire last-minute removalists or need to extend the time the module stays on your property.

Pros of hiring removalists to move and pack your self-storage

  • Expertise – Removalists will not only move your items safely and securely, they will do it efficiently too. Moving your items quickly, having them wrapped, packed, and stored safely, will give you peace of mind and ensure your items are subject to less wear and tear.  When it comes to tricky items and access, your removalists will know best when it’s time to disassemble, to do an over the balcony lift, or how to handle valuable items like pianos, pool tables, and more.
  • Professional packing material – Professional removalists have access to the highest grade of packing material. They can use furniture pads, plastic moving boxes, bubble wrap, and more to give your items in storage the best protection available.  This will minimise damage and reduce any exposure to dust, moisture, and other elements when being moved into and while in storage.
  • Better use of your resources – With the time and effort you will be saving by using professional removalists, you can apply it to more important tasks such as work, cleaning your home, focusing on your property settlement, planning your renovation, or spending time with your family.
  • Insurance – Professional removalists will be insured to move your items into storage. This is an important distinction as you will be unable to insure yourself as you are not a professional.  Any damage you cause to your item or injury onto yourself is not insurable!  When your items are highly valuable, insurance is a must.

Cons of hiring removalists to move and pack your self-storage

  • Expense – Professional removalists will charge fixed prices or hourly rates, call out fees, other charges such as fuel surcharges, stairs fees. It can all add up!  For some people, the cost of hiring removalists is simply outside their storage and moving budget.
  • Lack of accountability if you hire the wrong people – Everyone’s heard of at least one nightmare removalist story. Damages, removalists who are late, cancel last minute or don’t even show up!  This can easily be avoided when you read reviews or go by word of mouth when you choose removalists.
  • Coordinating the arrival of the storage and removalists may be difficult – If your self-storage provider and removalists are two different companies, ensuring they both arrive at the same time may be a struggle.  Companies that will drop off a storage container or module may have large drop off windows whereas removalists often have to be paid hourly.  You may have to pay removalists for time when they are just waiting or, risk the removalists arriving too late to finish up packing and loading the storage unit/module.  Avoid this by ensuring you hire the same company to do both or go with the removalist officially recommended by your storage facility.