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How to Pack and Store Fragile Items in Self-Storage

how to pack and store fragile items

When you’re storing fragile items in your mobibox or container it is important to pack and store them properly. Inadequate wrapping and storage can lead to breakages and other forms of damage. Here are some tips on how to prepare your fragile items for self-storage.

1. Don’t skimp on packing materials!

Buy the best packing materials such as strong double-walled cardboard boxes or plastic moving boxes, packing peanuts, butcher paper, and/or bubble wrap. Bubble wrap may seem expensive compared to old newspapers or magazines, but it is far more protective and won’t leave imprints. To protect your fragile items, you need the best packing materials.

You can also buy subdivided boxes for special items such as glassware and wine bottles where you can put each glass or bottle in its own cardboard compartment. You can also use cut up cardboard to divide your box yourself.

2. Pack boxes properly

Put a layer of crumpled up butcher paper, packing peanuts or a layer of bubble wrap at the base of your box. This will act as a cushion for all your boxed items. Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the box, put a crumple zone made up of crumpled up butcher paper or bubble wrap on top. Then place the lighter fragile items on top such as glasses, bowls, and mugs.

Do not overpack the box and leave a layer at the top of bubble wrap and scrunched up paper. Fill any empty spaces and gaps in the corners or between the items in the box with packing peanuts, paper, and/or towels.

3. Wrapping the items

Wrap the items individually and in bubble wrap. For extra protection you can do one layer of paper and one layer of bubble wrap. We highly recommend this “double-wrap” method for delicate items such as artwork, mirrors, and vases.

Put bubble wrap or crumpled butcher paper inside glasses and other items that are hollow such as vases.

4. Label your boxes and pack them on top

Label the boxes that have fragile items with the word “fragile” so your removalists and you can remember which boxes need extra care. If you’re packing your truck or storage container/module yourself, make sure you put fragile boxes in the topmost level with nothing heavy on top that could squash the box and cause breakages.

5. Packing instructions for specific items:

Mirrors – Put tape across the mirror connecting every corner in an X or star shape. The tape will protect the mirror from vibrations and other small shocks.

Glassware – Glasses should be placed mouth down between crumple zones made up of paper or bubble wrap. Add rolls of bubble wrap or butcher paper to the delicate parts such as around the stems.

Plates and bowls – Stack plates and bowls vertically, wrap each one in bubble wrap or butcher paper. Use subdivided boxes or put cardboard walls in yourself to separate and protect the plates from the items in the other sections of the box.

Vases – Use the double wrap method and put in packing peanuts, paper or bubble wrap inside the vase. Place a roll of paper or bubble wrap around the neck of the vase or on any parts that need padding such as embossed decorations, ceramic spouts, handles.

Lamps – remove the bulb and bubble wrap it. Fill the lamp shade with soft padding such as tea towels, paper towels and wrap the entire lamp shade in bubble wrap. Ensure you wrap the stand and store the lamp upright in the box.

Small items – Put small items such as jewelry, crystals, glass ornaments and other similar fragile items in plastic containers. Pad the containers with packing peanuts, scrunched up paper or bubble wrap.

If you need any more tips on wrapping and packing for your self-storage unit, contact us or read more on this blog.