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How To Declutter And Organise Your Office Space

declutter and organise your office space

Decluttering and organising your office space will improve your productivity, efficiency, and simply make your workspace a happier place to be in!

Though it can seem like a daunting and never-ending task it doesn’t have to be. You can do the tasks below a day or a week at a time and slowly get to your ideal, streamlined office space.

Purge away!

Only keep what you need. Go through every space: every desk, every filing cabinet, pedestal, in- and out- tray, the kitchenette, and reception area. Keep what is essential. Anything that is non-essential can then be separated into storage or rubbish.

This also applies to your computer and email inboxes. Create an organised folder system on your desktop and only keep what you need. File documents you aren’t using in an archive folder organised by year and document type. Create folders and a filing system for your emails too.

Paper documents or items that may be required later such as slow-moving inventory can be put into self-storage, warehouse or into an archive storage system. Recycle or dispose of anything else responsibly: shred sensitive documents and sell, donate, or arrange a council pick up or trip to the tip for large items.

Create work areas

Plan work areas around your office consisting of specific functions and organise them accordingly. Desktops should only contain documents and stationery that is necessary.

Filing cabinets, drawers, shelves, should all be organised according to a system and should only have paperwork. The stationery cupboard should contain stationery organised based on need, with most used items at eye level such as pens, post-its, etc.

The printing and scanning area should only have the relevant stock and equipment: paper, paper recycling and shredding station, staples.

Organise your desk space based on needs

Organise your desk and drawers based on practical needs. The most used items should be kept on your desk trays or stationery holders. Next, other common items should be kept in the top drawer and least used at the bottom.

Use drawer organiser sand desk caddies to keep surfaces and drawers clutter free and make sure everything you aren’t using goes back to “its home”.

Revise your filing system

Is your filing system as organised as it could be? Consider a paperless environment: request invoices, statements, reports to be delivered in an electronic format and digitise all paperwork. Any document whose original form must be stored can be digitised then stored away.

File paperwork whether electronic or in physical form frequently to avoid clogging up your trays and inboxes. Not only will it create a less cluttered workspace, but it’s environmentally friendly!

Use self-storage

Self-storage can help an office in many ways! Apart from storing documents, it is also a useful place to manage inventory and to store stationery, supplies and equipment due to downsizing, infrequent use or simply to create more space in your office.

Use labels

Get a labeller and label everything! It may seem unnecessary but once everyone’s trays, filing systems, the business’ stock, stationery cupboards are all labelled you will see how everything will run better simply because people know where to locate anything!

Organise your cords and cables

Messy cables and cords are a tripping hazard, untidy, and very unpleasant to look at. Not to mention, the inconvenience every time you are trying to disconnect the correct device.

Secure your cables to the walls using coaxial cable staples. Guide them along furniture with adhesive strips. Secure bundles of cables, wires, and cords with zip ties. Label all your cords to make them easier to disconnect or reconnect.

Tidy your desktop and workspace daily

Now that you have a clutter free, organised workspace make sure it stays that way. File regularly, tidy your desk and drawers daily to keep everything organised. You will find the more often you declutter, the more it becomes a subconscious habit and less of an overwhelming task!