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How Self-Storage Can Help You at Christmas

how self-storage can help you at christmas

The holiday season is a happy, busy time with all the presents, guests, shopping, decorating, and celebrations.  However, it can also be a time when you feel overwhelmed with all the chores and commitments over the Christmas and New Year period.

Did you know that you can use a self-storage unit to ease the pressure from the holiday season?  Here are clever ways self-storage can help you in the most “wonderful” time of the year.

Storing decorations

Between the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and other ornaments, Christmas decorations can often take a lot of space in your garage.  There really is no need for these things to take up so much space all year when you only need them for about a month!

Keep Christmas decorations (and other seasonal decorations, e.g., Halloween, kids’ birthdays) in self-storage to make space for more important things.  When it’s holiday season, take the items out of storage.  Keeping them in self-storage instead of at home is also more likely to keep them clean and protected.

Decluttering for guests

Family and friends often stay for the holidays.  The guest room may usually be a study or a storeroom.  Remove the desk, computer, off-season clothing and other similar contents from the wardrobe or chest of drawers.  Make your guest room more hospitable and spacious by decluttering it and putting these items in storage.  Not only will your guests appreciate it, but you will probably find it easier to keep clean with less stuff in it during the Christmas season.

Hiding and protecting gifts

You may want to keep your spouse’s new entertainment system under wraps (pun intended!) or keep the kids prying hands from their presents!  Either way, self-storage is a great way to hide presents and keep them a surprise.

The other advantage is that this will keep your living room more spacious without too many presents cramping the area around the Christmas tree.

Making space for Christmas parties

The holiday season is often a time when you have friends and family over.  Make ample space for them in your house by putting some furniture into storage.  Key areas to declutter are the dining room, living room, and the backyard if you are hosting outdoors.

Not sure what you can put away?  Your guests probably won’t miss bookshelves, display cabinets, backyard toys, and maybe you won’t either!

Having fewer items also makes your home a lot easier to clean and manage.

Storing sale items

Boxing day sales can bring a lot of bargains into your home, but you may not need them straight away.  Put stock and items you’ve bought into storage to make sure your home isn’t too cluttered.

Take them out of storage when you’re ready to use them or gift them!