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How much storage space do I need?

how much storage space do I need

One of the most common questions we get asked by customers is how much storage space they need. When searching for quotes, there will be all sorts of options and measurements: containers, units, and modules, square metres, volume, and terms like “walk in closet” and “garage”.

It can be very confusing to decide how much storage you need to book. This comprehensive guide will help you work out how much storage space you need.

Prepare an inventory

Firstly, it is important to prepare an updated inventory of what you will be storing. Write up an itemised list of all the furniture, appliances, and other household items going into storage.

Approximate the number of boxes you need by assigning each cupboard or shelf to a box. Count all your shelves and cupboards and you will have your number of boxes. Having a detailed inventory will help you calculate the total volume you need to store.

Calculate the volume you need

1. Use a storage space calculator

Search for a storage space calculator online and you will see plenty! Get your inventory out and enter all the items. The storage space calculator will have preset volumes for each type of item and add up all of them to arrive at a cubic metre calculation. These may not be a perfect match for your items so allow for items that may be larger than those in the calculator.

When you enter these values in a space calculator in a moving or storage company’s website they may also suggest storage spaces for you.

2. Get quotes from removals and storage companies

Removals and storage companies often have their own calculators or programs to calculate volume. They then use the calculation to recommend a truck size or storage space. When you get quotes from removals and storage companies send through your detailed itemised inventory, the experts will let you know what the total volume will be.

3. Calculate the volume of your items

You can calculate the volume of your items by yourself. There are two ways you can do this. Firstly, measure the height, width, and length of each item in metres. Multiply them to get the volume of the item in cubic metres. This is a meticulous and time-consuming process but will get you the most accurate measurement.

Alternatively, you can pack all the items in one corner of the room the way you would a storage unit then measure the height, width, and length of the whole stack. Multiply the numbers to get the volume of the stack. This number may be higher than the volume you would need if professional removalists were to pack the items as they would do a much tighter space-saving pack. However, it’s great practice if you’re planning to self-pack your storage unit!

Measure the largest items

Apart from the total volume, you will also need to measure out the largest items in your inventory to make sure that they will fit in any storage space that you book. This will help you determine the size of your storage space.

If you have a particularly large item that won’t fit in a storage module, but don’t need a whole container or storage unit, some warehouses have the option of storing oversized items for you separately.

Compare storage options

Now that you know the volume you are storing and the dimensions of your largest items, it will be easy to compare quotes and types of storage spaces. There are some items that must be stored in a particular direction, e,g. appliances must be upright. Make sure you have accounted for this in your volume requirements.

Look for storage options that do not only fit your volume but can also accommodate your largest items. If in doubt, call us for more tips and advice!