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Advantages of Self-Storage for Students

advantages of self-storage for students

Students often need to move out of their accommodation between semesters and when they finish their courses. Self-storage is the flexible, affordable solution to the problem of where to store their things. Here are all the advantages of self-storage for students.


Not everyone has family or friends in town to store their items for them! If you don’t have this free storage option, get self-storage. Lockers, cages, and modules are often the most affordable storage solutions.

Get quotes from many different storage providers. Some have student discounts or offer free trucks to move your items in and out. Weigh up all your costs and choose the option that saves the most money for you in total.

Small storage available

Students often don’t have a lot of stuff; they don’t have a lot of furniture and appliances to lug around. Some students only need to storage luggage between semesters.

Self-storage facilities have many small spaces available: lockers, modules, cages. This means your items will be stored in a place that suits them without being mixed with other people’s items. You will also only pay for the space you need.

Short term options

Most self-storage units and modules are available to rent on a monthly basis and a few on a weekly basis. A lot of them don’t have lock-in contracts either. This gives you the flexibility to move items in and out when it is most convenient for you.

It also means you pay for storage that you use since you can book storage periods which match your semester breaks.

No need for a car!

No car, no worries! Self-storage facilities often let you hire a ute or truck to move items in yourself, some even give you a limited time with them for free.

As for our mobiboxes, we deliver them to your door and redeliver when it’s time to unload them. You won’t need a vehicle at all!

Flexibility when you’re in transition

You are about to finish your course, but you don’t have any fixed plans yet. Maybe you’ve applied for jobs in different cities and still have to wait for that golden offer. Maybe you’re still looking for the perfect place to rent and just need to stay with friends until you sort yourself out.

Self-storage can help you put your items in a temporary home while you firm up your plans. Move all your non-essentials to storage and when you know what your plans are, move them out when it’s easiest for you.