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3 Reasons You Should Let Movers Load Your Mobibox

reasons you should let movers load your Mobibox

If you are hiring modules for storage, you may be tempted to make it a DIY job. After all, how hard could it be? For most people it is not until sorting your belongings and dismantling furniture that you realise just how much there is to do, and how stressful it can be. Even if you can recruit friends to help out, the task can be exhausting and potentially harmful.

Something people forget is that professional movers are not heavy lifters. Sure, they will be strong, but the experts have the right tools for their line of work. They have an eye for packing away items into a box-shaped space. With their experience and know-how, the job of getting your stuff into storage will be a breeze and a load off your back.

Here are three reasons why hiring expert movers to load your Mobibox storage modules is the better way to go.

1. Efficiency

Mobibox movers come with years of moving experience. What this means is that no piece of furniture is a hurdle for them, no matter how bulky or cumbersome. They arrive with a toolkit for disassembly and tools to help lift, slide, roll, or protect your belongings from damage.

The Mobibox team will bring everything to the module and work twice as fast placing items in logical and safe places and won’t waste any space. This efficiency will save you time and, ultimately, money, and a great deal of stress. When that is all done, we will whisk your modules away to be stored until further notice.

2. Safety

By paying for professionals, you will avoid the risk of injury if you or your family and friends try to move all the furniture and heavy boxes yourselves. Back strains, slipped discs, bruising and grazes can all occur trying to shift items without the proper procedures or tools.

If you want help from loved ones, put them to task before the day of loading the module. Organise a day to sort, declutter and downsize. Get some boxes and create more space to play with by only packing up the things you really want to keep. Avoid hurting yourself attempting to fill up your Mobibox modules before they are taken away.

3. Insurance

Mobibox is covered by goods in transit, liability, glass and property insurance giving you assurance that if any accident occurs while packing or moving, it will be covered. If you decide to pack your Mobibox modules by yourself you run the risk of breakages that would not be covered by your own insurance.

To avoid this gamble, it pays to get the experts in to do the work for you. Just imagine. Once you require the modules later on, they can bring everything out exactly as it was put in, the team working straight away to reassemble your life again.

Fill out an online Mobibox quotation form today to see how many modules you need and how cost effective it will be to hire the manpower to do the heavy lifting for you. We can calculate exactly how much space your items will take up and provide the pricing for the period of time you require.

The team at Mobibox guarantee an efficient, safe, and insured service when you need part of your life stored away for future use. We don’t just offer the modules, we have an experienced team of professionals to make the job go smoothly, too. Give us a call today and speak with our friendly customer service people who can answer all your storage queries.