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Self Storage Vs Mobile Storage

self storage vs mobile storage

So, you have items to store – what now? Did you know there is more than one option out there for storage solutions? Traditionally, you would hire a garage-like unit in the outer suburbs and offload your belongings inside it. Or perhaps you have packed up a storage cage in a warehouse, navigating the loading dock and fumbling with the trolleys.

Self-storage facilities like these are still a good option if you want to handle everything yourself. They offer privacy and autonomy and can sometimes save you money. However, you may want to consider the mobile storage option with MobiBox to better suit your needs.

Mobile storage units come with two desirable features that the regular self-storage option does not. One, with MobiBox, we offer the skillset of professional movers and packers so that the hard labour of packing away and loading your belongings is done by experts. Two, once your belongings are inside the storage unit/s, they can be stored away, OR moved to wherever you need them next – whether that is to your new home or returned to the original.

Both self-storage and mobile storage units are housed in warehouses with twenty-four hour surveillance, however, an advantage of MobiBox units is that they are water-tight and stored off the ground, so they are safe from flooding, mould, or pest infestation.

MobiBox storage units are wooden crates measuring 2.4 metres in length, 1.8 metres in width, and 2.6 metres in height and contain 10 cubic metres. Once they are filled and locked, they are covered in a waterproof tarpaulin jacket. Customers may keep them on their property or have them taken to our storage facility where they will be forklifted away until further notice.

If you choose to keep your storage unit at home, you will have immediate access to its contents. However, not everyone has the space for the unit/s to stay onsite and will need the units taken to a storage facility. If you need access to your belongings, you will have to call ahead and organise a time for the unit/s to be taken down for you.

When you hire a MobiBox storage unit, you can either pack it yourself, or have our professionals do it for you. Doing it yourself means you can pack at a leisurely pace, perhaps decluttering as you go. The only time sensitive issue could be how long the unit is parked in front of your property if you do not have a driveway.

Even if you have to use our storage facility, unlike self-storage or getting removalists to take your items there, the mobile storage units only have to be packed and unpacked once. Think about it, if you pack your car, take it to a storage facility, you then have to unpack the car and then pack the storage unit. With a mobile MobiBox solution, the storage unit is packed once, stored away, and then unpacked for good when you need the items again.

If you decide to pack your mobile storage unit yourself, we have a comprehensive guide here. For a free quote, fill in a quotation form and we will respond within 24 hours. Find out if you will need one, two, or more MobiBox storage units for the amount of things you wish to store.

Find peace of mind with MobiBox professional movers and packers, and save time by having your belongings moved only once in and out of our weather-proof and convenient storage units. Contact us today and find out the right storage solution for you!